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Final Memories Last a Lifetime

Final arrangements and services are personal to the family and require an atmosphere of compassionate guidance with respect for personal choice.

My funeral services memorialize the way in which a human life ends. Many times this is the last expression of love that a family can provide for their loved one. It is a sacred time which leaves a lasting impression on our hearts and minds.

Funeral planning easily falls to chance as family members are faced with this unfamiliar and difficult experience.

I am committed to providing compassionate and quality services at affordable prices. Choices and options are made available based on each family's individual needs.

Final memories should have a lasting, healing impression. The business of the Funeral Director is more than a business..
It must be a calling...


Barbara Falowski, L.F.D.

We have expanded our funeral home so that we can better accommodate the needs of families.


We would like to thank our community for putting their trust in us during the loss of a loved one. This trust is extremely important to all of our staff and we promise to work hard every day to continue to earn it.


Barbara Falowski

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