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Cremation Options

Cremation Options

Cremation pre-dates recorded history; in fact, evidence has shown its use as much as twenty thousand years ago. More recently, with the incorporation of additional services, it is becoming one of the more commonly utilized methods of disposition. .

Just as each life is unique, so too should each funeral ceremony. The success of a cremation is directly connected to the supporting ceremonies, tributes or other services we offer to honor and enhance the memorial of those who have passed. Contrary to popular perception, the option of cremation does not limit the degree to which a funeral ceremony can be a personalized. At Falowski Kalis Mcintee Funeral & Cremation Services we have a lovely chapel in which we offer an array of services including memorial and traditional services, viewing prior to cremation, scattering cremated remains in the Atlantic Ocean, and mementos which allow families to remember their cherished loved one. We want this occasion to convey the utmost respect. In addition to service-oriented options, we also offer a diverse selection of urns in a range of materials, colors and styles.

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